Self-Love is Self-Care

✶ Self Care Sunday ✶

Self-Love is Self-Care.

Queens👑, do you agree?

Life can be busy, overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful especially during the pandemic. So, how do you reboot and push the reset button??  Self-care! 


Practicing self-care means addressing your own personal needs so that you can find a happy balance in your life.  It allows you to be better equipped to handle life’s challenges and is the best way to prevent and avoid burnout. Be it physical, mental and emotional burnout.


Have you ever experienced a time when you are overwhelmed with everything around you and had a panic attack? I have! And I think, everyone too, went through something but managed to overcome!  So, it is truly important to find that "me time" in your busy schedule and devote some time away from all the stresses of the week.


Remember, it is NEVER selfish to make yourself a VIP priority.  And when you start taking care of yourself, you'll see other areas of your life begin to blossom as well. 🌻


The care we devote towards ourselves can directly impact how we feel. How?  When we put effort in looking our best, we feel our best, right?  And when we feel our best, we can step out into the world with confidence feeling fully equipped to take on the day! Slay queen!👑


Whether it’s through makeup, skincare, hair care, doing yoga, meditation, working out or something else entirely, your routine should be something you take pleasure in and enjoy.  Allow it to be a means to self-soothe, heal, relax, find calm, have fun, or boost your mood!🍃


➠ Reminder: self care can look like anything; it doesn’t always have to be big things or things that take a lot of time and effort. It can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to yourself to breathe.😌🍃

I encourage self care to be a consistent and daily application in your life. Not done only as a last minute resort.

For me personally, and what I encourage all of you to do is to look at the WHY  of self care more than the WHAT.

On Sundays, I like to come together and take a moment to document  ( journaling is something I started doing recently and I'll tap on that topic next time ) what you’ve done or will do for yourself, BECAUSE you find value in caring for yourself (aka: the why!).  

So Queens, how are you taking care of yourself today? ✨


(This is my first blog post and I'll cover more topics about self-love and self-care in the next posts. This might even get personal! 😉Stay tuned!)

-Ria 💖

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